Radio Quantica

Edit: Left this project in mid-2017 due to personal and professional differences

I started single handedly providing technical support both in infrastructure as in development on Radio Quantica over a year ago.

Based on some of my learnings both on software as in logistics whilst building NTSLive - one of the major independent online radios.

As well as my background on worldwide music streaming services for clients like Samsung and Blackberry.

It’s all build using Open Source software, more specifically:

  • Airtime for managing content.
  • Icecast for streaming.
  • Apache2 for bits and bobs.
  • SFTP to help with ingesting the content from over 100 contributors.

Hosted over DigitalOcean and AWS.

Certificates by Let’s Encrypt to whom I’m a donor and supporter.

HTTP2 is enabled.

The same way that Radio Quantica is an open platform for diverse themes I believe in the transparency of software, online privacy and free use of the Internet.

In this way I’m a supporter of Net Neutrality.

And of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Feel free to contact me.