Engineer with 15 years of experience. Leading and working with teams both onsite and remotely. Experienced in helping startups scale and in helping teams at enterprises scale their platforms. Skilled in agile methodologies, automation, distributed systems, various platforms and languages.


Languages Ruby, .NET Core, Node.js, Scala (Akka), Golang

Methodologies agile, TDD/BDD, DevOps, serverless, continuous integration, REST, SOA, microservices.

Platform AWS, Azure, Heroku, Zeit, on premises.

Technologies Terraform, Docker (ECS), Packer, Redis, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Consul, Bind, ElasticSearch (ELK), Chef, NGINX, Apache, NATS.

Azure Pipelines, Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity, Codeship, CircleCI

Work Experience

February 2021 to July 2022, Staff Engineer, hopin

Leading multiple projects within Hopin around event experience both existing (Sessions) and architecting greenfield (Breakout Rooms, Captions)

Pushing for Monitoring/Observability efforts (Datadog/Sentry/Honeycomb) and on-call (Pagerduty/Firehose).

Managing in-house and third party A/V integration.

Move onto micro-services based on NodeJS/Kubernetes/Terraform.

Integration with AWS and Azure.

Mentoring developers and improving team process and communication with other teams.

October 2019 to February 2021, Senior Developer Payments, Tesco (Contract)

Supporting and improving the reliability of Tesco’s online payments, integrating with acquirers like AMEX and Worldpay, banks, and processing data for other teams, on-call twice a month - 4 million payments per day.

Breaking down parts of monoliths into multiple event consuming downstream services and support tools allowing for faster development.

Contributed to single page applications for services with customers in other teams to access fraud, suspensions, reconciliation data to improve payment reliability. Fixed issues such as duplicate payments and helped teams navigate payments data more efficiently.

Led the development of load testing, serverless alerting, OS updates, tooling deployment and domain certificate expiration - More consistency in tools and fewer places to observe led to deploying more often and faster feedback, secure instances using the latest version of required frameworks.

May 2016 to October 2019, Technical Lead, Palace Skateboards (Contract)

One of Shopify's largest clients during peak use and had a case study done, up to 5000 orders/minute.

As the first tech hire I reviewed their logistics, warehouse and workings - designed a new system for front-end and back-office that supported their growth.

Worked closely with the management team.

Tripled the day to day fulfillment speed of the warehouse, saving time and staff costs and allowed for stock to ship faster than the previous third party integrations.

Article Shopify Sync with AWS Athena and S3

September 2017 to March 2018 Senior Developer, HMRC (Contract)

Developer for the HMRC Self Assessment payments to replace the Worldpay integration with Barclays as well as new features.

Led the change to faster and less fragile payment flows by restructuring fragmented services.

February 2016 to September 2016 Automation Developer, DigitasLBi (Contract)

Improved current DNS infrastructure and service discovery that allowed it to be more flexible for adding new stacks and faster infrastructure deploys multiple times a day.

Automation and architecture changes to multiple services, introduced Docker, as well as contributing and pushing to open source.

Wrote internal tools to help with the automation workflow

Article Development Quality For Ruby and Chef (DevOps Weekly#298)

May 2015 to August 2016 Technical Lead, NTSLive (Contract)

As the first tech hire I was responsible for bringing NTSLive out of a single instance on AWS into a stable system that allowed for fast and reliable streaming worldwide.

Worked closely with the management team.

Migrated existing data into a new back-office and developed that back-office for publishing content and programs as the internal team grew several times.

Automation, public API and Search.

Article Icecast in Production (DevOps Weekly#248)

2015, Consultant, Knowsis (Contract)

Database migration and greenfield monitoring system.

2015, Consultant, Dazed & Confused (Contract)

Migration from on premises to Azure.

2014 to 2015, Tech Lead (Development/Operations), DigitasLBi

Working on the largest digital media project in the world with Nissan/Renault.

Leading development/operations team.

Evangelising best practices to clients, internally and externally.

Develop practices and align with the philosophy of Continuous Delivery.

Work across projects, ensuring practices are followed and empowering teams on cross development/operations functions.

CI/CD from Laptop to Production for over two hundred developers including outsourced teams.

Following TDD/BDD and strict test driven development and infrastructure, and testing automation.

Contributor to Open Source projects. Opened the company's Github account.

Articles DigitasLBi Case Study on ComputerWeekly

Continuous Integration and Delivery with Packer, Chef, AWS (DevOps Weekly #187)

Setting Up for Infrastructure Development (DevOps Weekly #179)

2013 to 2014, Technical Lead, 7digital

Pairing with all the teams and building a roadmap to improve consistency, best practices and reduce costs.

Actively helping clients on the technological side to improve their use of the platform, including Samsung, Intel and more.

Article How we use Metrics at 7digital

2012 to 2013, Lead Developer and Principal, 7digital

Driving/designing a new model to do streaming and download to cope to a traffic growth of almost 1000 times in a year.

Performance on streaming from 5 seconds Time To First Byte with 200 requests per hour to 200ms TTFB with 200,000 requests - 99% Availability.

Support a better relationship with the Operations team and pushing forward new standards for monitoring and metrics, more awareness of the stack as well a more integrated tech team.

Continuing the ongoing work with Agile Development either on the development side as on the production side.

2011 to 2012, Lead Developer Services, 7digital

2008 to 2011, Developer, 7digital

2007 to 2008, Developer, Be-Thebrand experience

2006 to 2007, Consultant, Noesis


2000 to 2006, Information Systems and Computer Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico

Licentiate specialisation on Architecture and Distributed Systems.

MSc Equivalent - Licenciatura (5 years) - Level 5A (ISCED).


Creator of a popular Statsd C# client which was used as the basis for the Datadog client.

Owned and ran a small independent vinyl and digital record label.

Part owned and managed a small independent coffee shop in London.


Practice Ashtanga Yoga.

Have a special interest in sustainability, environment and animal rights, being a vegetarian and vegan since 1999.

Enjoy board games and chess.