HTOHL002 - Hounds of Hate - Purple Stuff

How The Other Half Lives is back for a second outing and this time proudly present ‘Purple Stuff’ by Hounds Of Hate.

HOH - masterminded by London-based Stan Iordanov but featuring a rotating cast of members - were active between 2009 and 2011. Their objective was simple: perform live electronic music completely without a backing track. While shortlived, the band’s two sought-after 12"s, mix cassette collaboration with Hype Williams (‘Deuces’) and refreshingly ambitious take on live performance saw them swiftly billed alongside the likes of Caribou, Gold Panda, Toro Y Moi and more while touring Europe and America. With their sound fast-evolving and splintering into new individual experiments, they disbanded last year to focus on other projects.

‘Purple Stuff’ is a catalogue of all the low-tech sounds that made and defined Hounds of Hate. Initially released as an overlooked b-side on their second 12" ‘Head Anthem’, it wormed its way into the ears of the more curious selectors out there, such as Four Tet - who included it on his last Beats In Space radio mix - and Caribou - who also promptly placed it in his Resident Advisor podcast. It also caught the attention of HTOHL owner ZNTN who quickly recognised its potential as uniquely unusual dancefloor material. Slow, jagged, pulsating and highly addictive.

Now HTOHL finally gives the track the spotlight release it deserves - freshly mixed and remastered - aptly pressed on delicious purple vinyl with a handful of finely tuned remixes.

And what remixes they are.

First there’s Photonz with their characteristic jacking techno - London-by-Lisbon style - who have solidified their reputation with releases on Don’t Be Afraid, DIRTY, Dissident, Astro Lab, Get The Curse, The Republic Of Desire and their own label One Eyed Jacks.

Heading up the B-side we have the first of two Timothy J Fairplay versions. He is known for his studio work with Andrew Weatherall and as guitarist in Battant, but he has also recently released an increasingly strong series of productions on labels such as Emotional Response, Bird Scarer, World Unknown, Astro Lab, Kill The DJ, ESP and Rotter’s Gold Club.

Rounding off the 12" is a remix from ZODA CADE. Already established as great DJs this marks their first ever official release as a production team. With a start this strong expect to hear a lot more from this Portuguese duo.

And as if that all wasn’t enough, Timothy J Fairplay’s second remix is a particularly tasty digital only bonus. With the same source material yielding very different results this time, here we hear Tim’s diverse production style at play with mesmerising results.