HTOHL003 - The Draughtsman - 1694 EP

The Draughtsman - 1694 EP

Released worldwide: January 2013

Alex Egan’s complete work as ‘The Draughtsman’ finally available on 2x12" coloured vinyl!

Following its digital release on Marketing Music, London/Lisbon label How The Other Half Lives has licensed the ‘1694 EP’ - featuring all six original tracks alongside incredible remixes from Roman Flügel, Cosmo Vitelli and Tim Paris - for a limited vinyl run. As an added bonus, a brand new Daniel Avery remix - exclusive to this vinyl edition - tops off the collection.

The ‘1694 EP’ has already received strong support: Ivan Smagghe selected Cosmo Vitelli’s remix of ‘Geschmacklos’ for his ‘A Walk In The Woods With…’ Tsugi mix CD, Erol Alkan featured the original version on his BBC Radio ‘6 Mix’ show and The Glimmers went as far to declare ‘Geschmacklos’ “the best track in the world” in a recent interview with Brain Magazine. Trevor Jackson, Michael Mayer, Joakim, Ewan Pearson, Optimo, Âme, Tim Sweeney, Duke Dumont and many more have also been particularly taken with the originality and diversity showcased on the EP.

Tim Paris describes the project: “Time is at the centre of The Draughtsman’s music. It shifts genre and references a variety of different periods of musical history: the initial inspiration for the project - which is easy to discover if you seek it - is an ambitious cinematic vision released in 1982 yet set in Baroque 1694. But skip ahead and closer to us for these six original tunes from Alex reveal the width and depth of his musical knowledge as the record explores almost all those modern genres we love to advocate at Marketing Music: from Disco to New-Wave and Electronica, House, Italo and Techno… This is undoubtedly the most ambitious project of the label to date.”

Mastered and cut by Lupo at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin, pressed onto double transparent dark green vinyl and packaged in a deluxe full colour sleeve, How The Other Half Lives is proud to present The Draughtsman’s vision in its entirety.

Tracklisting A1. Frame I (An English Garden) A2. Geschmacklos A3. Vertical B1. Frame II (The Watching Statue) B2. Codicil B3. Frame III (Soft Geometry) C1. Geschmacklos (Cosmo Vitelli Remix) C2. Vertical (Tim Paris Remix) D1. Codicil (Roman Flügel Remix) D2. Frame III (Soft Geometry) (Daniel Avery Remix) VINYL ONLY EXCLUSIVE

Feedback Ivan Smagghe: Geschmacklos (Cosmo Vitelli Remix) included on Tsugi Magazine mix CD ‘A Walk In The Woods with Ivan Smagghe’ (released March 2012).

Erol Alkan: Geschmacklos selected for Erol Alkan’s BBC Radio 6 Mix show (aired April 2012).

The Glimmers: Geschmacklos picked as “best track in the world” in interview for Brain Magazine (November 2012).

Trevor Jackson: B R I L L I A N T ! Geschmacklos sounds like IAFL grease pt 2 but thats far from a bad thing :D original and remix i’ll both play out, big record for me i can tell. love it all & romans mix is particularly impressive, the guy can never do wrong.

Joakim: Square dancing! Love it

Ewan Pearson: a lovely set - I played Roman’s remix and it sounded f***in huge… Going straight into every set. Amazing…

JD Twitch (Optimo): yes! great work mr. egan

Jonnie Wilkes (Optimo): Great job on the mix by Cosmo

Duke Dumont: strong release..i like different elements of each mix.. the original of Geschmacklos is more quirky, but Cosmo’s remix has a raw feel

Mickey Moonlight: i absolutely love alex’s original of Geschmacklos!

Tim Sweeney: Yes. Waiting for this one since Cosmo Vitelli played it on the radio show

Pilooski: Thanx, the original version of Geschmacklos is the one for me!

Shit Robot: Nice Cosmo Vitelli remix !

Âme: roman!!!!

DJ Mag: Blinding from start to finish. This shows why it’s worth taking risks in electronic music. Kudos, Egan, kudos.

MixMag: this is a superb selection

Radio 1: Nice diverse ep lovin Roman Flugel remix - thanks


DIRTY Sound System: fantastico !

Krikor: me like it

Eric Duncan (Rub N Tug): Will play Geschmacklos (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)..really cool stuff !

Pete Herbert: outstanding tracks and remixes… best release yet?

Jennifer Cardini: Great package !

Roman Flügel: good good fun on the dance floor

Daniel Avery: Love love love!!

Allez Allez: Impressive, well rounded and enjoyable ep. Lovely complete piece of work.

Clement Meyer: this one is just brilliant

Peter Kruder: Like Geschmacklos Original here…

Chicago Damn: Really enjoyed Vertical and the Roman Fluegel remix

Remain: Amazing record. Full Support. Big fan of this project.

Marc Piñol (Hivern Discs): Loving this release, and awaiting for playing it after listening Cosmo Vitelli’s remix on Smagghe’s Tsugi CD Mix. Geschmacklos original and remix are two sides of the same coin, is really complicated for me to choose one over the other. I’ll play both to death. I really like it when dance music has this silly sense of humour and a lot of energy at the same time (not talking of DJ Tiësto, though). 10/10

Rory Phillips: Love all of this, have been playing both original and Cosmo mix of geschmacklos

Ben Sims (Splitmusic): roman flugel remix for me, old warp, bleepy vibes, thx!

Danny Howells (Global Underground): Superb .. some fantastic originals, and some top remixes, especially Roman!

Max Cooper: I love all the Frame tracks, and the Roman Flugal remix is a monster!

Kolombo: Nice one!…will play it out!

Joris Voorn (Green): Some great tracks!! Love the deep nostalgia..

Phonogenic: These tracks are great, Damn ! Vertical is suppppaaaaaaaa!

Compuphonic: Cosmo Vitelli remix for me !

Rodion: very cool “mussorgskij-style” release ! there’s something creepy and psychic which I really like. I’m in love with codicil, both the trippy original and the raw roman flugel’s mix. also Tim Paris remix of vertical has something rephlex which I love. Geschmacklos is supersound, chubby discouse driven. synths are fat and sick. it’s going to rock my floors, definitely. cosmo’s remix adds a spy rock kraut flavour which I really like. difficult to choose which one to play.

Mugwump: killer release…solid and original.

Kiki: cosmo vitelli gets down like it ain’t no thang!

Sasse (Moodmusic): great package - absolutely love the Romans remix but the overall vibe is awesome

Alex From Tokyo: Geschmacklos is a great freaky track with a killer remix by Cosmo VItelli!

Andrew Grant (CircoLoco): Vitelli remix is on point…wonderful vibe for dc10

Kev OBrien (Stranjjur): Codicil is alluring and elegant, yet driving at the same time. A Great set builder for sure, Love the intro as well (Frame I) - Tim Paris' remix is absolutely stunning as well. All-round solid release!

Justin Sloe (Droog/Culprit): very diverse offering here - it’s Roman Flugel that nails the sounds I’m so very fond of

Slam: nice trax - will spin

Max Pask (Populette): Huge fan of this EP.I’ve been hammering Cosmo’s mix

Silicone Soul: superb release really love this - fresh n’ dark baby!!!

Tommiie Satoshi: Well written and produced musical pieces, i am feeling the whole package. Tim Paris remix is def in my set

Ralf Kollmann (Mobilee): deluxe!

Phil Kieran: cosmo vitelli ! yes

Also played and supported by Richie Hawtin, Michael Mayer, Mandy, Magda, DJ T, Claude VonStroke, Tom Trago, Matt Walsh, Falko Brocksieper, Filthy Dukes, Red Axes and more.